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How to Find my USB Serial Number on a Mac?
Last Updated 6 months ago

USB Serial number can be obtained by:

  1. Plug the USB or portable SSD drive into a USB slot on your MacOS device.
  2. Open the System Information App. This app can be found in many ways, two of the quickest are:
    1. Press the Command + Spacebar keys on your keyboard and type "System" into the search box.
    2. Open Finder and navigate to Applications > Utilities > System Information.
  3. In the System Information app, in the left-side panel, select "USB" under Hardware.
  4. In the top-right panel, find the name of your USB or portable SSD drive (such as "PSSD T7") and click on it.
  5. In the bottom-right panel, you will find your serial number as (for example) Serial Number: S6XMNS0T801058W

* Note: A screenshot is included below for visual reference.


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