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I keep getting an imaging failed error message, how do I proceed?
Last Updated 6 months ago

It is rare, but there are some cases where you run into problems when imaging with RECON ITR that will cause imaging to fail. We've outlined some of the most common causes of this issue which should resolve it pretty quickly.

  1. Are you using HFS+ for your destination drive? - Imaging with native tools and libraries to non-native formats like exFAT or NTFS can cause an entire slew of issues. Please ensure that your destination drive is formatted using HFS+ to limit potential problems with destination drive formatting, and ensure your data is handled properly.
  2. Are you imaging the correct volume? - Many times, the Mac environment can be very confusing as to what you have to image. Be sure you are imaging the correct volume or partition based on what kind of hardware you are dealing with. Our imaging guide is a helpful resource to make sure you are imaging exactly what you need to: Sumuri Mac Imaging Guide
  3. Does your destination drive have enough space? - If you are imaging to a destination drive that does not have sufficient space you will also get the imaging failed error message. Be sure you are imaging to a drive that is either equal in size or larger than your source device.

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