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Why was I only sent one drive for my order of RECON ITR?
Last Updated 3 years ago

When you purchase a version of RECON ITR, we make sure that you have two drives, a Samsung T7 SSD containing the live version of RECON ITR and a 32GB Samsung Duo USB that serves as your bootable imaging solution.

If you only received one drive in your shipment that means you should already have the other. Our goal is to make sure you have both drives to cover all the situations you will encounter when imaging Macs.

If you upgraded from RECON IMAGER you will only receive the Samsung T7 SSD with RECON ITR Live. If you upgraded from RECON TRIAGE you will receive a 32GB Samsung Duo Flash drive containing the bootable version of RECON ITR.

If you did not upgrade from either RECON TRIAGE or RECON IMAGER, you would receive both of these drives. If you did not receive the drive not currently in your possession, please get in touch with us either through a ticket, or send an email to

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